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Updated October 16, 2005 with seven new recs.

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Stargate SG-1

Finding good fiction in this fandom is ridiculously fucking hard. What I'm seeking: snarky, cynical, smart, mature, competent Jack; smart, clued-in, competent, mature, independent Daniel. Preferably with flaws and edges and lots of things that make a man manly. Teal'c and Hammond are richly drawn characters with history and unique voices, so they have to be well-written, too. And Sam needs to be a soldier and a competent woman, not an OTT butch chick or a weepy female. *sigh* Basically, this is just my list of favorites. I'll add to it as time permits. All are J/D unless otherwise noted.

T-Minus Two Weeks and Counting by elishavah - Haven't you wondered what methods Daniel might have employed to get Jack to let him go to Atlantis? Me, too. Lucky for me, Eli wrote it for me, and it's charming.

Moving On by Kylie Lee - Daniel/Jonas, Jack/Daniel. This story has an unusual scenario -- Jack has waited too long, and Daniel has moved on. Ouch. Sad, but plausible.

Sonic Boom by Icarus - There just aren't enough stories where Jack takes Daniel flying, and this one is short but beautifully described.

Coda by Kres - With gorgeous prose, Kres gives us a sad glimpse at what happened in that timeline where SG-1 was trapped in ancient Egypt.

Shovel Bum by Cofax - GEN, Atlantis crossover What if Daniel missed his chance to join the SGC at the beginning, and was recruited on down the line? Cofax proposes an intriguing change in the familiar timeline. It was written as an AU of the Pegasus B 'pilot', but really has nothing to do with that overall universe, per se.

To Go by Danvers - Season 9 Jack and Daniel, wherein Jack tries to reconcile what he wants and what he feels, before Daniel leaves on the Daedalus. Lots of Danvers' usual humor and insight.

Pavlov by Kalimyre - Aliens made them do it! Over and over, as part of a conditioned response. Poor reluctant sex machines. *g* It's an interesting premise, and also, it's really hot.

Half-Life by Jennghis Kahn - HET and slash - Ow. A grim look at a post-apocalyptic future for SG-1. Ow, ow, ow. But it hurts so good.

Solitude by Greensilver - This AU takes place in the 2010 universe, the one that was later obliterated by SG-1's actions in that episode, and it's SG-1's last mission in that universe. I love this characterization of Jack, and the scenario that's laid out here.

Red Sky at Morning by Martha - A disturbing but delicious look at the aftermath of the episode Red Sky.

The Circle Run by Mara Celes - We all daydream of things that never were, or could be; fortunately for us, in this story Daniel gets a glimpse or two of Jack's thoughts along those lines.

East of Omaha by Taselby - Guh. This is a quiet sort of story, but very beautiful -- Jack has a bit of a bad day, and Daniel comes over and hangs around, and then wonderful things happen.

Tendencies by Pares - Pares doesn't write enough SG-1, but she nails it every time she does. Here we have some banter, and some smut, and it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Another Fine Universe You've Gotten Us Into by Tafkar - Quantum mirror stories are my weakness, but they are rarely done this well, and I've never read one that's this funny. Lots of insightful moments as Daniel takes a hard look at this version of himself; the eyebrow line still cracks me up. *g*

Home From Here by Merry Lynne - If you've ever wanted to read a funny, adorable, more or less perfect story about Jack retiring, Merry finally wrote it for you. She's nifty that way.

Hysteria by dirty diana - An atmospheric, moody story with hurt/comfort and a bit of backstory that made my heart ache.

Polishing Wood by chelle - Banter, wood-polishing, and a sky full of penises. I love this fandom.

Four Birthdays that Might Have Happened by Danvers - GEN, HET Snapshots from the lives of SG-1, before they knew each other.

Snakeskin by Katie M - GEN, HET (sort of) Katie's stories tend toward the fascinating and unique end of the spectrum, and this one is no exception. Here she takes on the Tok'ra.

For Now by Komos - A gorgeous, haunting story, set post-Evolution part 2. Too lovely to call it an episode tag, but this completes the non-canon Jack-Daniel arc of that episode, for me, in ways that make me incredibly happy.

Double Bed by Komos - I've read this story about a hundred times now, and I love it more each time. Jack figures some stuff out, and then he figures some more stuff out, and then there's some scorching, erotic sex, and then there are the emotional epiphanies. Guh. Highly recommended.

Willemakee by Mary Jane - This story made me cry harder than I have ever cried over a piece of fan fiction. And yes, that is the highest recommendation I can give it. Beautifully written, incredibly poignant, and it will shred your heart into tiny pieces.

Syllepsis by Komos - Have you ever wanted a story where Sara is portrayed as a warm loving human being, and Jack and Daniel both are allowed to love their exes and yet still love each other? Me, too, and this is that story, and it's terrific.

The Art of the Deal by Littera Abactor - Heh. It's a riff on an old, old cliche -- but with a fabulous, funny twist.

With the Dying by Dira Sudis - Ow, ooooow. See that, on the floor? That's my heart, which Dira ripped out. Post-Moebius-part-2 fic, very powerful.

Level With the Shore by Taselby - Jack and Daniel: marooned, wounded, and desperate. A very vivid, visceral story.

Unpacked by Jen - GEN Ever wonder what Jack was up to, or how often he thought of Daniel, while Daniel was ascended? Jen answers the question, here, and it's a lovely, sweet story.

Five Holidays Jack O'Neill Never Celebrated by cofax Five things that never happened to Jack; beautiful and insightful AUs, every one.

Hanged For A Sheep and Not Exactly A Connecticut Yankee by cofax - GEN - Post-Moebius short pieces, both of which I really enjoyed. Cofax puts you right *there*, in the moment.

Post Bellum by Salieri - Intense, brief AU (written as part of the Pegasus B universe), wherein Jack realizes what is important to him.

In December by Kres - Speculative spoilers for season 9. Jack and Daniel drift apart, and then they come back together.

A Million Days by Tallulah Rasa - GEN - An AU of Window of Opportunity that just makes me want to hug Jack until his ribs crack. Wonderful Jack-Daniel interaction in this story.

This Ending Stays Unwritten by Laura M - A very brief, sad, powerful glimpse into a not-memory Daniel would rather forget.

Welcome Aboard the Daniel Jackson by SEF- A snarky, touching look at the moments after Jack thaws out in New Order. I think Jack's snark in this is right on the money; some of the lines make me smile every time I read it.

Mnemophobia by Tripoli - GEN If you're one of those who thinks Daniel's descension in Fallen and Homecoming was too quick and easy, this is just the story for you. Tripoli does a fabulous job creating an entire world around this scenario of Daniel's descension, and it's much more complicated and interesting than the canon events were.

Pieces by Nanda -- Ouch. It's the end of the world, and Daniel and Jack are together, and it hurts so good.

Grounded by Pares - Food, sex, snark, and love. Funny, and hot, and guaranteed to make you smile.

Best Laid Plans by Cori Lannam - Those pesky teammates, always interrupting at just the wrong times. *g*

Four Hundred Days by Molly - This is the story where Jack stays on Edora longer than he'd planned, and as a result, everything changes. It's a wonderful example of the tables turning, and I loved it.

Like the Chutney by Tallulah Rasa - GEN This one is gen, but there's subtext -- missed opportunities, and possibilities that itch at the back of Jack's brain, though he can't nail it down. Jack, Sam and Daniel are stranded off-world...and there's awkwardness, and confusion, and restlessness, and then there's the subtext...

These Comedians by Tripoli (Jack/Jonas, with a side of Jack/Daniel) - It's amazing how Tripoli can take a scenario I thought I could never buy and convince me so readily that I'd want to rec it. Very short, but very powerful.

The Aftereffects of Sustained Sarcophagus Use by Halrloprillalar - Nobody brings the funny like Hal, and in this piece, I swear I can hear Jack as clear as a bell. A cracked but strangely alluring bell.

Clone Home by Danvers - Last in the Clone Series, and just as funny and touching as the previous stories.

Not by Tallulah Rasa - GEN What if Daniel never recovered his memory after he ascended? Tallulah never cops out or goes for the easy resolution to any scenario, and this story is no exception.

Torn by Rosalita - Daniel is capable of loving both Jack and Sha're, and making hard choices. Also, he's capable of being quite seductive. Or so one would assume. *g* Rosalita gives us all of that, plus a couple cliche-busters.

This Player Here, but In A Fiction by Martha - I've always been sure that the things SG-1 leaves out of their mission reports are the only parts worth reading. Nice of Martha to let Jack and Daniel debrief before our eyes; marvelous characterization.

Past Imperfect by Widget - Daniel recovers his memories and finds himself, in the process.

Silk by Mary Jane - A perfect illustration of how a so-called PWP need not be generic or lacking in good characterization. Mary Jane fills this story with details and insights; it's a marvelous piece.

The Space Within by The Grrrl - Awwww. Jack and Daniel, at the cabin.

Alpha Is Just Another Letter by The Grrrl - I am at least partly responsible for this story, or so I was told, because I was musing publicly about the woeful lack of stories where Daniel and Jack compete to be alpha male. And may I just say, GUH, and I'm glad Grrrl was interested in pursuing that line of thought. *g*

Things Learned by Moonlight by chelle - Sam comes across Jack and Daniel having sex on a mission (go ahead, suspend disbelief *g), and doesn't have enough good sense to back away. Nice for us, but sad for her.

It's All About the Quantum by Annie D - This is a qualified rec; parts of this story are insightful and spot-on, and parts didn't work for me well at all. But the totality of the story is worth reading, I think. Infinite possibilities, quantum realities, and Jack's horizons expand in ways he never bargained for.

Scars by Kres - Jack is looking for Daniel, in more ways than one. A lovely first story by Kres.

Almost a Statesman by Katie M - GEN An exploration of Teal'c's choices, as interpreted through the eyes of his son. It's a completely unique piece of fan fiction. Few dare write Teal'c, and even fewer dare attempt any other Jaffa. Katie pulls it off in a big way.

Used To It by Carolyn Claire - A sweet, hot first time, wherein Jack and Daniel convince themselves they're doin' it because that's what the aliens want. Uh-huh. *g*

His House Lasts 'Til Doomsday by Salieri - Oh, my lord. Sal broke me with this. Just cut me open, ripped my guts out and then snapped me in two. It's atmospheric, and sad, and it made me cry. Beautiful stuff.

A Congregation of Days by Otter - The most beautiful post-apocalypse/post-destruction story I've read in this fandom. Somehow, even as she depicts SG-1's struggle to adapt to a new life, she stays focused on the joy that can come from being together, from finding silver linings. Highly recommended.

Like Touch, Like Love by Kylie Lee and The Grrrl - A plot! And stuff. I was drawn in to the scenario, and held there by the relationship between Jack and Daniel.

The Good Wife by Julie Fortune - GEN A rarity in Stargate fan fiction: a gen story that's really gen, and reads almost like an episode. Daniel does what he thinks is right, and suffers the consequences for it. Lots of lovely shades of grey in this story.

Close by Salieri - Proximity as metaphor, and much more. Jack and Daniel on the verge of something...and much more. Lovely use of language.

Incommensurate by Otter - Hotel sex done right -- without pages and pages of talking. Plus a twist, of course; this is Otter, after all.

Tape by Tripoli - GEN In the aftermath of Janet's death, there are adjustments that must be made. This is an emotional and difficult look at how Daniel and Sam adjust. Or how they don't.

Once, or Maybe Never by Celia Deacon - A sad look at the ways Jack and Daniel connect, and the painful ways they miss connecting, by a millimeter or a mile. (Bonus rec: Quietly, an Upgrades PWP.)

Ten Snippets by Katie M - GEN Katie has an incredible knack for looking at various characters and scenarios though 'unique camera angles'; she sees things other writers have never tried and produces lovely work because of it. All of these vignettes are good, but a few of them -- Kitten, Kittle and -ectomy -- are downright excellent. Oh, how I love Teal'c. And Sam, when she's written well, as she is in these vignettes.

The Last Man on Earth by Meridian - An older story, but a good one. It's a satisfying, lengthy treatment of the old Jack-and-Daniel-discover-they-are-bonded trope. I love the way she's worked through the scenario here. The pacing is good, the gradual increases of intimacy and trust feel just right, and some of the memories they share as they complete the bond really knocked me out. In the good way. *g*

After Words by Tallulah Rasa - GEN - Ouch. I'm comfortable saying that this story has to do with major character death, because writer mentions this in her own story summary . I felt tears come to my eyes barely three pages in. It hurts so good.

A White Dove by Jemima Pereira - HET The author labeled this story Sam/Jack, but it's not the kind of thing that will make you want to claw your eyes out, I promise. The Sam/Jackness is pivotal to the plot, but not in the way you might think. This is a post-col story where Jack and Sam must both find a way to survive, and where their choices and options have dwindled to almost nothing. The premise is clever and she's written it well. I really enjoyed this story.

Infirmary After by Teand - GEN This isn't Teand's usual playground; there's nothing funny about this story at all. Rape of a female soldier is one of those taboo subjects on Stargate; they danced around it in the first season, but have never come near it with any seriousness. Through Janet's eyes, Teand shows us the tip of the aftermath iceburg in this short story. She made me cry. Damn her.

Loki's Curse by Jonah In The Whale - Ohhhh. A long, plotty, angsty story, post-descension in season seven, dealing with clones and Daniel's lost memories and...what's not to love? There are a few little factual errors here and there, but they don't detract from the story itself.

Cold by Martha - A classic hurt/comfort story that made me flinch, and also made me happy, at the end. What more can you ask from h/c? Martha does it beautifully.

Bare Walls by Affinity - A lovely post-Evolution part 2 tag.

Desolation Angels by Salieri - This story knocked my socks off. It's the kind of 'what if?' story I crave in Stargate fandom, and the emotional impact of what Salieri delivers here had me wibbling in the corner for a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

Gifts for your Gift by The Grrrl - This story made me happy. Personally, I think that's more than enough for a rec right there, but in case you need more: snark, hot sex, mission tidbits thrown in for good measure, and nifty characterization. So there you go.

Touched by Roslyn - This one is short and pre-slash. Daniel has a chance to help Jack and recover a few pieces of memory in the process.

Things He Remembers by Cori Lannam - I've re-read this story about twenty times since it was posted. Cori has a deft touch with the emotional components of her stories, and this one is no exception. Although I was very sure about the memory Daniel was about to uncover, the pacing of the story and the wonderful characterization drew me along right to my happy place. Highly recommended.

The Wind of the Wing by Otter - To say too much would spoil this, but as always, Otter finds a way to spice up one of the most common scenarios in SG fiction. As a bonus, she weaves a terrific metaphor throughout.

Ghost in the Machine by Anais - I rejoice whenever Anais posts a new story, because I know I'll get plot, and hot sex, and snark, and humor, and all sorts of other lovely things in a complete package. This story just illustrates my point.

A Study in Immobility by Aces - Aside from a few little technical things, this story hits some lovely notes and generally made me happy. It's short and to the point, and it's just right.

The Standard of Comparison by Otter - This story is fresh, clever, and original, and beautifully written. To say too much about it would spoil it, so I'll only say that to properly appreciate this story, you need to watch the first half of season 7 first. Overall, the story blew me away. Highly recommended.

My First Stargate Story by Halrloprillalar - Hal slams a skewer straight through nearly every cliche and fannish trope you can think of in SG fan fiction. If she missed any, I didn't notice, because I was too busy laughing my ass off. Highly recommended.

When Spring Breaks Through by Otter - Another lovely story from Otter, about running away, and about recapturing the things that are important to us.

The Taste of Honey, The Hum of Bees by Salieri - GEN This story is like a gem, shining through the darkness. It's a mission-based story, team-focused, from Sam's point of view, and written with rich, lyrical prose that sings off the screen. Highly recommended.

Sleepless in the Springs by Catspaw - A surprisingly understated story, more of a snapshot of a moment between Jack and Daniel, filled with good character insights and moments of quiet understanding/revelation.

Surrender by Nel - So sad! Short, sweet and painful. I like that in a story.

Campfire Questions, Three-In-The-Morning Thoughts by Perri Smith - GEN An older story, but a good one. Sam and Daniel have a chat and talk through a few observations.

Or Else No Flesh Should Live by Meredith Bronwyn Mallory - MBM is a writer with tremendous potential, and this story illustrates the reasons why. She has taken a terrific idea and supplemented it with good character insights and some beautiful, lyrical turns of phrase. There are, however, a number of serious technical problems with the story that can be distracting -- grammar, malapropisms, etc. Even so, the story is well worth reading.

Meeting of Minds by SEF - GEN SEF is new to the fandom, but she's clearly not new to writing fan fiction. This is a mission story, told from Carter's point of view. Very unusual. SEF avoids the usual Daniel-worship traps and builds a suspenseful, interesting, heart-wrenching story revolving around the Gadmeer. I love to see dangling plot points resolved in fan fiction, and this fits the bill wonderfully. SEF also keeps all our characters in character--especially Jack and Daniel. It's a powerful and interesting story, all the way to the end.

Send In The Clones by Danvers - Finally, a story that takes off from Fragile Balance in a believable way. I loved Danvers' Jack-voice. It sounds just right to me in this piece. Some of the lines are incredibly funny, and though there are some minor technical problems with the story, they aren't too distracting.

Five Senses by aces - Another writer who clearly is new to Stargate, but not to the craft of writing. The epiphany in this story isn't as clearly supported by the scenarios she writes as I thought it might be, but it's a good read regardless; subtlety saves the day.

Lovely by Martha - This is a spooky Sentinel/Stargate crossover, wherein Daniel flees from perceived danger and finds unexpected shelter in Cascade with Jim and Blair. If you love both shows, you will be in heaven; ditto if you are more of a Sentinel fan than a Stargate fan, tho you may be a bit confused as to the details of the Stargate universe. No matter what your fannish leanings are, however, the story is a clever example of how to write a crossover without making either universe irrelevant. And it has a first-class action/adventure plot.

Willing by Salieri - An absolutely gorgeous story, wherein Salieri has a new take on an old enemy. I can't really say enough good things about this story. She absolutely nails the characterization of every member of the team (especially Jack), she weaves in themes of alienation and identification of self, the scenes of feelings being awakened are extremely subtle, and she writes like a dream. What's not to love? Highly recommended.

System of a Down by Maayan - Maayan has a marvelous style and a knack for digging out small character insights. System of a Down is her take on what happens when Daniel descends - an AU, to be sure. I have some minor quibbles with it - some of what she describes Daniel feeling in this story doesn't quite ring true for me - but it's a small nitpick about an otherwise good story with an interesting structure. Unfortunately, all Maayan's stories are off the web, at the moment.

As The Needle To The Pole Turns by Lady of Asheru - An adventure story with some funny moments, an unusual Earthside locale and a familiar villain.

You Can Go Home Again by ELG - GEN She says it's gen; I say it's pre-slash. Any story where Jack watches a naked Daniel bathe and practically drools all over his field equipment...well, you be the judge. An insightful take on what Jack, in particular, might have been feeling in the wake of Double Jeopardy.

One Bare Hour by Dorothy Marley - One of my all-time favorite stories. Scorchingly erotic sex combined with angst and deep emotion, and bingo! Instant favorite.

Dark Desires by Carron - In this story, Carron depicts a Jack with needs he can't articulate who's seeking someone to help him heal. I bought it. There were moments I liked it quite a bit, tho Jack's trust comes a bit too easily, and the ending could have been more complete.

Crossroads by zillah - zillah's brief, unusual take on Daniel's feelings and choices after Sha're's death.

Shape, Shade and Line by Brighid - A work-related encounter with the written word provides a down-time opportunity for Jack to show Daniel how much he is loved.

Driftwood by Dale Edmonds - A bittersweet tale of wanting that neatly ties together several threads from various episodes.

Whistling or Just After by Hetre Z - This story is not for everyone, and the author herself notes it is "more AU than you can shake a stick at". I found it extremely creepy, and also quite beautiful in a horrifying sort of way. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill Stargate story. It's evocative and stylish, and somewhat dark.

Halflife and The Eighth Day by Tripoli - GEN I'm thrilled by both of these stories; Tripoli is a new writer in the fandom (relatively speaking) and I hope she has many more stories to give us. Halflife is a collection of five short pieces, post-Meridian, from various points of view. The Eighth Day grabbed me hard because it's a post-Full Circle piece, beautifully written, expressing one possible outcome of Daniel's actions. Lovely stuff.

You'd Forgotten Love Could Mean This by Delilah - Delilah has taken a couple of things I generally can't stand - second person present tense, alternated with first person, in shifting POVs - and created a lovely story with them. Granted, the rapid-changing POV did drive me completely crazy, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because the story is worth it. Jack comes across as entirely crusty, snarky, vulnerable, and in love; Daniel comes across strong, competent, and loving. The technological stuff in the story is entirely in the background. Instead of wasting time on unimportant details, she paints a portrait of a relationship between Jack and Daniel that I thoroughly enjoyed. Beautiful characterization.

Infinite Possibilities by Brenda Anders - Yum! Mirror stories make me so happy, and this one is well done. Lots of interesting moments between the characters throughout, and a fun plot to boot.

Dreams and Fables by The Wild Mole - A missing scene of sorts (post-ep) from Crystal Skull, where Jack comforts Daniel in everyday ways. Lovely.

These Thoughts by Julian Lee - This is an angsty little Janet/Sam piece, wherein they misunderstand each other, and things don't wind up all happy and peachy in the end. Well-written.

Stargate poetry by Brighid - I generally don't recommend poetry, because I have a hard time seeing fannish characters inside what are often generic poems. But Brighid captures something about Stargate...it's hard to put my finger on it, but her poetry makes my heart ache, and it's filled with rich, vivid, fandom-specific images and metaphors.

Four Fours by Keiko Kirin - Mmmm. Smut. Pushing. Shoving. Hotness. Mmmm. *blank stare* Oh, and there's also great Jack-voice, and character insight. In case you needed something more than the smut, and the hotness.

The Gift Given by Keiko Kirin - Sex and introspection, with a side helping of character insight. The themes of loss, risk, comfort and need are woven through the narrative like shiny bits of gold, guiding the reader through the story.

Sinner's Grove by Martha - Heed the warnings; this beautifully written story is dark, dark, dark. Many subtle and overt layers of grief and awkwardness, as Daniel and Jack deal with something they can never put behind them. The story unfolds in parallel timelines, one in the past and one in the present, but the structure is nearly seamless.

The Midas Syndrome by Rheanna - GEN This story was alternately funny and horrifying. Imagine, if you will, if everything you touched rotted away around you...scary, no? I really love this story; it's clever and well-crafted.

Mandragora by Anais - Ah, the PotatoFic...A raunchy, erotic tale of lust and connection, featuring Anais' unique take on Daniel, and a Jack who really isn't in charge. Plot, sex, and a whole lotta J/D. What else could you ask for?

To Drive the Cold Winter Away by Thevetia - GEN Jack takes Daniel home with him for the holidays, and Jack's history is revealed. It's not quite the way I see Jack's family, but Thevetia has created and presented her vision quite skillfully.

The Journey's End by Quinn - A lengthy, plotty story, Quinn's version of the Jack-and-Daniel-are-stranded-offworld trope. Good worldbuilding, insightful dialogue, interesting plot, and Daniel is very capable and competent in this story. Always a huge plus, in my book. I recommend with some small reservations - most notably, that the story is too long by a third and the ending doesn't quite work for me - but I did enjoy it regardless.

Buoyancy by Keiko Kirin - Clever, sweet, and a great deal of fun, as Jack tries to decipher some things about Daniel.

The Soul Senses by Carrie - GEN. A very long gen story, without a hint of romance anywhere - which made my day, since many so-called "gen" stories are really het with plot. Wonderful premise - SG-1 has some trouble while off-world on a mission and every member but Teal'c is disabled in some way. They must work together as a team to find a way out of their predicament. Well-written, beautifully characterized. Terrific team stuff.

First Contact, Last Encounter by Jb - GEN. Another lengthy story, this time an episode tag to The First Ones, where some of the questions lingering in my mind after the ep were answered. Quite a bit of Daniel angst in this, and not too much comfort; it's tense, but good.

A Thousand Stars by Dorothy Marley - A new favorite. Alternate realities come into play and both Jack and Daniel must come to terms with their feelings. This is a story I wanted for so long I doubted anyone would actually write it, and then there was Dorothy, with my story. Love this. Highly recommended.

Sometimes Love Can Be Painful by Pough - A fun, snarky bit of writing where Jack screams during sex, but for reasons I can totally get behind. Wonderful dialogue and some terrific lines in this piece.

In Common by Thevetia - This story jumped right to the top of the list of my favorites as soon as I read it. Subtle, insightful, smart, and full of truth and sadness. Jack and Daniel struggle through an emotionally difficult mission, and gradually discover some truths about themselves, and about their relationship.

Unsatisfied Desires by quercus - It's my opinion that this story is rather a departure for quercus. It's a sad story, where Jack and Daniel are together, but there is a price that must be paid. The story has a fine edge to it, rather like drawing a sharp knife across your skin; you don't even realize you're cut, but there's blood. Also, we are treated to Action!Jack, and quercus' flair for OCs.

The Road Between The Walls by Keiko Kirin - A terrific interpretation of the "aliens making us have sex" cliche (which is my fave cliche, and so I recommend these stories without shame) - with a couple of twists to upend conventional thinking about what Jack and Daniel might have done in their respective pasts. What makes this story so damned good, tho, is the characterisation. Jack and Daniel are beautifully written in this; the dialogue is good, the situations understated, the characters true to the way I see them.

An Ordinary Day by Rosalita - As soon as I read the first line, I started to grin. There are several lines in this that are grin-inducing, either because they sound exactly like something Jack would say, or because they're just flat-out funny. Either way, I really enjoyed this gratuitous look at Daniel's finer attributes through a bored Jack's eyes. Short, but fun.

Rain On My Parade by livengoo - This story is goofy, and I liked it even more because of that. Just picturing Jack with...the little problem he has in the story...sends me into peals of giggles. Yes, the situation is improbable. And yes, the last line is a major groaner. It's enjoyable anyway.

The Wedding Day by Anais - An AU where Daniel's been off-world for a year, and before that, he was not sleeping with Jack - his interest was elsewhere. It's that little conflict that propels the start of the story, and it sucked me right in - especially since Daniel is spectacularly cranky in the first section, and Jack yanks his chain even harder when he sees he can get a rise. Excellent story.

Stories by Anna S. - Read all of Anna's stories; start with The Other Half. She has a vibrant, flowing style, a mastery of Jack's voice and POV, and she gives tremendous plot. She can upend a cliche like nobody's business. And the sex in The Other Half melted my brain, just as an aside to all those other things she did so well. Wonderful characterization of all team members - strong, capable, competent - they sound and act like adults, and it's like being in fanfic heaven. These stories are my benchmark in the fandom, and that's really unfair to everyone else.

Little Things by Anais - I'm so glad I found this story. There are some gorgeous turns of phrase in here that made little sparks go off in my writer-brain. I love the conflicted feeling I get from both men, and the little bits of primal heat don't hurt, either.

All The Pens That Poets Ever Held by Dorothy Marley - Sweetly captures some of the communication issues between Jack and Daniel, and gave me the warm fuzzies.

Negotiations and Determination by Justine - Snappy dialogue and clear, crisp writing, and Justine brings us a pair of men on the cusp of figuring something important out. God, I love these. I wish she would write more. Soon. (April 05: Currently this website is down, so you may have trouble getting to the stories.)

Fire and Ice by ELG - Perhaps the best of the h/c stories I've read in the fandom. Liked it very much.

The Grave Yields Back Her Robberies, Facilis Descensus Averno, A Diplomacy of Trees, and other stuff by Quercus - Quercus is a gifted writer who builds worlds and creates fascinating characters. Yum. She tends to write her men a bit softer and sweeter than I generally like, but she makes me buy in.

Objectives and Reveille by shalott - She's got a way of turning a cliche on its head and kicking it around, and I loved both these stories. Wish she'd write more.

Into the Maelstrom by Molly - Beautiful writing, and a look deep inside Daniel's secret heart.

Held by Thevetia - Another idea that's been around for a while - Daniel's need to be dominated, to feel secure in that place in his own head - well-interpreted by Thevetia.

Roses in December by Rheanna - GEN. Awesome story - Jack is losing his memory, and his team is fighting to find the cause and save what's left of the man they know. Painful, dramatic and gorgeous.

The Return by Brenda Anders - Wonderful short story about a Daniel who needs comfort for hurts sustained in the course of being strong and doing business, and a protective, loving Jack who's not OTT. Bought it. Hook, line and sinker. Great Jack-voice, and I wanted Jack to comfort Daniel, and be comforted himself. Tasty.

Alpha Jack by Brenda Anders and ELG - Okay, well. Here's my little kink on a platter. So sue me. To tell you the truth, I wish Jack would behave more like this end of the in-charge spectrum in more stories. Sadly, tho, Daniel is terribly manipulative here, and somewhat petulant, but the story wasn't what drew me, see. I don't really care about the story, k? Because it's hot. Oh, just go on to the next rec. *g*

The Steak Series by Keiko Kirin - Several stories, famous in the fandom, exploring a developing relationship between Jack and Daniel. I adored the slow build-up of intimacy between Jack and Daniel, the way they sort of skipped and stuttered along. I think I was hooked right from the metaphor conversation in the first story.

Storms by Meredith Lynne - GEN. Told you there'd be more gen recs here. This one is a turning point for Daniel, identified and confronted by Jack. And there is stealth slash in here. Merry will kill me for saying so, but - I see it. I do. Can't help it! Jack could have let go of his hand, y'know...

The Cost of a Used Spaceship by Marie Blackpool - Subtle, beautiful writing. Really, nothing is out in the open here; it's all swimming under the surface, undercurrents of love and regret and desire, and things not said, or understood. By the end of the story, I was in tears for something that might have been in canon. Lovely tale of loss and realization. One of my two favorite stories in this fandom (the other being Anna's The Other Half).

Predator by Apocrypha - Yes, we're back in Destina's kink-land. Hot! Just ignore the parts where they scream while they come, and you'll be all right. Trust me.

Drums by Alyse - Yum! Love Jack's little inner conflict here. This is pretty much a PWP, but a well-written and spot-on PWP with great characterization. Hot. Very. And much fun.

Love takes its shoes off by Lady of Asheru - A sweet, short slice of life vignette wherein Jack and Daniel are together and love each other.

A Reason to Smile by Teand - The first and only Meridian fix-it story that hasn't made me want to chew nails. It's a softly sentimental piece, with happiness and hope for the future. Very short.

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