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You knew it would happen eventually, didn't you? My Sentinel stories are taking up too much space, so now they have a page of their own. For some of my favorite Sentinel story recommendations, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Footnotes - Jim/Blair, R, 102K. (March 2000) Blair Sandburg's taped research notes reveal the scope and course of his relationship with his research subject, Jim Ellison. Originally published in the zine Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy. (Please note that this link will take you off this site and to the 852 Prospect archive, where this loooong story can be found.)

The Language of Love - Jim/Blair, PG (for profanity), 12K. Posted in July 2000 under the pseudonym Sonata. A short humor piece about love, communication and understanding.

Equilibrium - Jim/Blair, PG, 20K (September 2000). Destina does warm and fuzzy, yes, she does! One year after Blair becomes a police officer, Jim and Blair quietly approach a turning point.

Wandering the Maze - Jim/Blair, R, 65K (August 2000). Jim and Blair must come to terms with the aftermath of David Lash's intrusion into their lives. Due to the weirdness of Geocities and the 65K length of the story, I had to break the story into three parts. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Getting Used To It - Jim/Blair, PG, 24K (June 2000). Jim can't quite figure out what's bugging him, until Blair hits him with a clue brick.

Dominion - Jim/Blair, NC-17, 36K (April 2000). Jim reads Blair's dissertation and is stunned by what he finds.

Silver Rain - Jim/Blair, R, 8K (February 2000). A few years down the road, Blair faces a crisis and reflects on a crucial decision.

Disciple - Jim/Blair, R, 8K (March 2000). Companion piece and sequel of sorts to "Silver Rain". Jim faces the prospect of losing Blair, and takes action to prevent it.

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