Stargate SG-1 Fiction

NEW - Where You Hang Your Hat - gen, Sam Carter, G. Sam settles in on Atlantis. 2,126 words (12K), February 2008.

I, In This Darkness - Jack/Daniel, adult themes. Daniel lives in two worlds, a part of both, but belonging to neither. 77K (12,000 wds), June 2006. Written for Komos in the 2006 Jack/Daniel Ficathon.

Descant - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. There are many paths to the top of the mountain. 67K; April 2006.

Transitions - gen, hints of Jack/Teal'c, PG. Jack may not be the leader of his team, but he can't seem to completely break away. 14K, March 2006.

Desert Light - Jack/Daniel, R. A fable, or a tale of what might have been, about how Jack and Daniel find each other when the team is marooned in ancient Egypt. AU of Moebius part 2, in a way. 10K, posted to LJ in August 2005 and the website in October 2005.

A House Is Not A Home - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. Jack and Daniel say goodbye to Jack's house after it's sold, and to each other. Set during Avalon part 1. 14K; posted to LJ in July 2005 and the website in October 2005.

The Empty Well - Jack/Daniel, team, PG. Post-Moebius, the team bonds, and Daniel hits Jack with a brick. Or, a piece of an old Egyptian tablet. Same difference. Written for Pares in the 2005 Jack/Daniel ficathon. 40K; posted to LJ June 2005 and the website October 2005.

Endurance - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. Sex, seduction and willpower. 41K. April 2005.

Twenty-Nine - Jack/Daniel, team; PG. Jack translates. 25K. Written December 2004; posted to the website April 2005.

"A Stargate Adventure" - NC-17. An 'illustrated story', for X on her birthday. Created January 2005; posted to the web page April 2005.

Wild - Jack/Daniel, R. A very short sequel to "A Heart For Every Fate." April 2005.

Elements - Jack/Daniel, gen, etc, NC-17. A series of themed vignettes, based around Jack's dog tags. November 2004

Stages - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. Jack's not as resistant to change as he used to be. 15K, September 2004.

A Heart For Every Fate - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. A love story. 70K, June 2004.

Unmade - R. "You can't spend forever grieving for what might have been." 100K, March 2004.

Patchwork - G to NC-17. A series of unconnected vignettes and stories, written by request for friends. These stories range from gen character studies to explicit J/D slash, and are of various lengths and themes. I will post them one at a time, as I complete them. Currently 50K, last updated March 22, 2004.

Smoke - Jack/Daniel, PG. Jack decides what he wants. 25K, December 2003

Payment for Charon - Jack/Daniel, PG. Some things are worth the price paid to have them. 17K, October 2003

Ciphers - J/D pre-slash/gen, PG. After an off-world incident, Daniel's perception of the world around him begins to change. Cover art by X. 134K, September 2003

Catalyst - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. An episode tag to Evolution, part 2, which has not aired yet. Jack and Daniel deal with the aftermath of Daniel's captivity. 21K, September 2003.

The Restless Dream - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. What must it be like to live another life, to believe you are someone else, and then find your emotions turned upside down in a world where those emotions interfere with duty and obligation? A Beneath the Surface AU. 100K, finished May 2003, posted July 2003.

Far Afield - Jack/Daniel, R. Jack and Daniel struggle with changing roles and needs as Jack prepares to retire from the military. 80K, January 2003

Static - Jack/Daniel, PG, pre-slash. Jack comes to terms with wanting something he can't have. 19K, November 2002

Falling Sky - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. Lessons can be learned in many ways; strength takes many forms. 51K, November 2002.

Bright Chains - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. While off-world on a mission, the members of SG-1 must decide what they are willing to do to save a teammate's life. 124K, September 2002

Sympathetic Magic - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. A lot of smut, a little bit of plot, and some meta-humor. Not to be taken seriously. 35K, July 2002

Bone Deep - Jack/Daniel, NC-17. Just a bit of catharsis I wrote after I saw Menace; it's loaded with bitter angst and sadness, mixed in with smut. 17K, July 2002

Five Moons - Jack/Daniel, PG. While off-world on a mission, Jack and Daniel must confront feelings they'd rather leave buried. 82K, June 2002

Farther Than Earth From Heaven - Jack/Daniel, R. Love, loss and a journey to find closure in the place where love began. 50K, May 2002

Falls No Shadow - Jack Daniel, NC-17. A moment in time, set during season six, where Jack embraces bittersweet memories while in the company of a friend. 25K, August 2002

Drabbles, Vignettes and Flash Fiction

I've posted a number of vignettes, flash fiction and drabbles in various places over the past couple of years. Rather than post them all separately, I've combined them all on one page, for now.

Detritus - Currently 26K; last updated November, 2003.

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