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Updated March 15, 2003 with new Smallville recs.
Note: Lord of the Rings recommendations are no longer being updated; I no longer read anything in the fandom.

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Right off the bat, I feel I should warn that I tend toward the "Yes, of course they are doomed, how can you think otherwise?" camp where Lex and Clark are concerned. I do like the warm-and-fuzzy stories once in a while, but honestly, where Lex is concerned, I'm all about the angst and internal conflict. Bring it on.

I do have some resistance to pure future-fic, and I still feel it's not really Smallville fiction, per se. However, it seems to be the only category of SV fiction where the stories have any sort of originality, imagination or plot, lately. And I'm all for plot and originality.

That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by Lenore - She puts you in Superman's shoes, and by the end of this clever peek inside his head, I was snorting with laughter. It's a terrific piece of writing.

Three Fairy Tales of Smallville by Koi - Three creative glimpses into alternate versions of the Smallville world. My favorite is the first of the three, where Koi makes some sharply insightful character observations about Lex, and extrapolates how the Luthors might have been a different family entity, if Lex had a younger brother who grew up with him.

Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by RivkaT - Awesome story. Rivka has managed to do justice to the old body-swapping cliche. It's snarky, funny, clever, and all kinds of fun.

Three Impossible Things by jenn - I'm not quite sure how I went this long without recommending jenn's work. Probably because of my die-hard hatred of second person POV. jenn is usually able to make me forget how much I don't like second person, because she's talented, and because she combines skill with lovely style, particularly in her more recent work. Three Impossible Things is spot-on gorgeous. And - bonus rec! While you're poking around her site, read the wonderful Sleep While I Drive, too.

Drift by Rose Ferguson - A quiet story, without crashing anvils. Rose gently tugs her readers in the direction she wants them to go, with her subtle, understated, elegant prose. Also, good dialogue. I really loved this.

No Particular Night or Morning by The Spike - It's really not hard to break my heart; just show me Clark and Lex engaged in battle, hating each other and loving each other equally. Brilliantly painful piece of writing.

Convergence by Rushlight - A plotty AU, a bit complicated but interesting nonetheless, largely due to Rushlight's style of writing. Featuring a favorite type of plot in this fandom: meteor rocks, tears in the space-time continuum, timelines askew, a Lex who's not really the right Lex...

The Presence of Fire by RivkaT - Wow. Future-fic - original, vivid, scorching. Impressive. Definitely a keeper.

Interstitial by Punk - More future-fic. What if Clark's powers began to fade away?

Marry Into the Family by Julad - A funny, sweet story with a sentimental premise, executed with style by Julad.

Interval in Sunlight by valentine - A short, sad, lovely glimpse into the future.

A Date With the President by Henry Jones, Jr. - A sweet story about a young and presidential Lex with a definite (and interesting) agenda, and a Clark who still blushes when given the right provocation. I mean, I could see it happening this way. I liked it very much, and I have no idea how I managed to miss this one when it was posted. Also, it has my favorite line ever in a SV story, but I won't tell because that would spoil things.

The Cat by Andariel - Dark. Very, very dark. This loosely follows the backwards structure of Memento, and delivers a helluva wallop which I refuse to spoil.

Past Grief by Te - An insidiously creepy story, in which the hollow places in Clark are filled completely by Lex's single-minded devotion, and Clark is changed forever because of it. The story left me unsettled and it lingered with me for weeks after I'd finished it. Too few stories in this fandom have that kind of distinct unique quality. This one is singular.

Divergence by Lanning Cook - This wonderful story is the prequel of sorts to Identical, rec'd below. Here we have plot, and it's an eyebrow-raiser, too. There are also lots of lovely family dynamics to play with. I think Lanning has Martha and Jonathan down pat, just the way they are presented to us in the show. Others may quibble, but that's my take and I'm sticking to it.

Undone by Hope - I like this story especially because it plays into my favorite theory about the demise of the Lex/Clark relationship. To say more would spoil it too much. A well-done illustration of complex shades of grey that color their individual choices.

Along Came a Spider by Thamiris - A sharp, funny, delicious PWP that tickled me pink.

What You Want by The Spike - Sometimes I find stories that masquerade as PWP, with beautiful, vivid, evocative language and mood, and lovely structure. This particular PWP hits all my buttons, and the sex is hot enough to melt my monitor - but it's the skill of the writer and her gorgeous imagery that makes me love it.

The Butterfly Effect by The Spike - At the end of this story, I blew out a breath, and the word 'wow' was lost in that admiring sigh. I had been holding my breath for the last few paragraphs, and when I was done with the story, I was in tears. Hadn't even noticed. Incredible story with an inventive and clever premise, and the prose, god, the prose...beautiful. This is the story that you must read in this fandom. Without fail.

Red as Blood by Brighid - So lovely and sad and hopeful, it will make your heart ache. This is all about loss, and how gifts come unexpectedly to fill the wounded places and bring new life.

(I) forget by Elizabeth - This story makes me hurt. It's painful. Lex speaks, clearly, almost dispassionately, and there's a chill behind the words. Squick warning: the relationship between father and son isn't wholesome, here. But that's sort of the point. And then there are some Clark musings. Yum.

Prosper by Livia - Why, yes, it's a happyfic! Clark and Lex play pool, and the first half of this short piece knocked me out because of the playful attitude and the dialogue. The other half is smut. A perfect combination.

Kids' Game by Te - I'm a total sucker for the ol' fanfic cliche of playing Truth or Dare. Te takes this cliche and makes it fun and new again, and then turns it on its head and bruises it a little just before the smut arrives. She also indulges my little kink by proving she can write kick-ass conversation in dead-on character voice.

Descent by Thamiris - First in a new series of stories (Scarred), but it is a stand-alone story in my book. Many layers of meaning in simple, straight-forward events; utterly wonderful writing, and my brain melted near the end.

Rebirth of Slick by Jane St Clair - Quite a wonderful, smooth piece of writing - both for the classic elements of PWP, and because of Jane's luscious prose and her handle on the characters.

Reveal by LaT - Here we have Lionel peeping in on our doomed couple as they are making love. Fascinating to eavesdrop on Lionel's thoughts about his kid while Lionel eavesdrops on Lex. Ah, characterization...what a concept.

Five Things That Aren't True by Basingstoke - You know, if I even try to describe this, it will lose something in the translation. Clark, Lex, the devil and Bruce Wayne. Yeah. You'll just have to read it.

Identical by Lanning Cook - Dark, but also light. In which Clark knows the difference between his friends and his enemies, and Lex has a few angsty moments.

Undertow by elynross - elynross' strength as a writer - well, one of them, anyway - is her wonderful, spot-on dialogue. And throughout this story, the voices of the characters are clear and unique. This was the long and beautiful story that pretty much converted me into a SV fan.

The Middle of Nowhere by Merry Lynne - Oh, all right. One sweet story. With lots of funny/snarky dialogue. And it's sort of pre-slash. It's good, okay? Yeah, I know. You want sex. So, like, there's a sequel, The Road Home, in which there's sex, okay?? Sheesh. Whatever.

Boxed by Thamiris - Tham describes this as a retelling of Metamorphosis, wherein Clark works out his feelings for Lex. You know you're already in trouble when the story starts with Clark masturbating, thinking of Lex, his savior. Turns out Clark has a few little kinks of his own...

Lord of the Rings

Note: Lord of the Rings recommendations are no longer being added; I no longer read anything in the fandom.
I'm an all-pairing gal in LotR slash. I go for nearly every combination, if well-written, so the pairings are clearly identified here so as to avoid squicking anyone. Unfortunately, my search for deep, meaningful, satisfying Aragorn/Boromir or Aragorn/Legolas is over. I never found any, more's the pity.

Soil by Astra - Frodo/Sam. This story is a gentle and subtle treatment of Sam's guilt and grief over what he suspects happened to Frodo at Cirith Ungol. Lovely characterization, and also I enjoyed the established relationships between Frodo/Sam and Merry/Pippin. I wish there had been even more of that. I'm hoping for more stories from Astra.

Knives in the Dark by Tyellas - Legolas/Haldir. This one required me to seriously suspend disbelief - I have some difficulty believing this would be an answer to the question of honor between Elves - but it's an interesting (and rather original) take on things. Lots of dark, satisfying, violent conflict resolution here as Legolas demands payment in kind for Haldir's insult. The author calls this BDSM, tho I might quibble with that description; it borders on non-con. The sex is way hot. Okay, so, what I'm saying is, kink fic, anyone? This certainly hit one of my buttons.

From the Other River Bank by Dwimordene - Boromir/Faramir. If you had asked me if I believed I would ever be sold on a story involving incest, I would have said no. Period. Except maybe for one or two Lost Boys stories. Well, here's the exception. Dwimordene has a way of drawing her characters that convinced me by the end, and my only disappointment was the fact that there was no consumation - I think she might be struggling with including the sex in her slash. Nevertheless, it's a good story; the language becomes a bit archaic at times, but it's maneuverable. Lots of lovely tension. It's also 386K. Which is a big plus, don't you think?

Different Kind by Calico - Aragorn/Boromir. This really is, more or less, a PWP. And it has a few issues. The begining and ending are too abrupt to really wrap this up as any sort of a story, but she uses language well, - in places, her lyricism is lovely - and I had a nice sense of Boromir's desperation.

Lord of the Rings: Breadbox Edition by Evadne - Can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. Neatly skewers just about everything there is to make fun of in the movie, including some things I noticed myself, but would rather pretend I didn't. It's in script format, but that won't matter to you once you're about ten pages in.

Undersun by Cara J. Loup - Frodo/Sam. I always have to wonder how Cara does it; she uses words so beautifully that I just want to cry after I read her stories, and not because they are sad. This story is inventive and features my favorite character (Gollum). Bonus recs: Cara has posted two stories from a new series featuring Frodo/Sam; they are Water and Fire. Both are wonderful.

Men Lie by flameboi - Elrond/Isildur. Well, here's a first for me. I'm recommending a story that has some obvious errors and could have benefitted greatly from having a beta. However, I must say that I was drawn to the idea of this story, perhaps even more than the story itself. flameboi does it justice; there are passages in this that really drew me in completely.

Interlock by Brenda Antrim - Legolas/Boromir. Bren is a favorite of mine, and this story is hot. Hot, hot, hot. What else is there to say? Oh, right. It's well-written, too...mostly it's PWP, but that's probably why I like it so much.

Nine Men and a Little Lady by Kielle - Mary Sue. Well, here's the thing. This may not be slash, exactly, but it's clever as hell and too good to miss. And there are little slashy hints, here and there...I laughed my ass off, and so will you.

Untying Knots by Keelywolfe - Legolas/Gimli. As usual, Keely turned me into a little pile of romantic goo with this vignette. Damn her. *g* She actually got me interested in L/G. I'm going to pay her back for this, someday....

The Rose, the Thorn, the Blood and the Moon by Halrloprillalar - Legolas/Gimli. Humor of the highest order, and written in a style Tolkien himself would approve of. Who knew Gimli wasn't really a song kind of a guy? I dig this story in a big way.

They Say of the Elves by Brancher - Legolas/Gimli. Yet again I am slow to recommend something I feel is quite lovely. Brancher's vignette gives us a vivid picture of Legolas through Gimli's eyes, and never descends into the purple. Very touching.

Phantom Pain by VB (Victoria Bitter) - Frodo/Sam. VB's stories aren't long by any means, but they don't need to be; she cuts right through all the tedious details and gets right to the emotional heart of Tolkien's universe, and thus draws rich, wonderful characters for us. Her use of language is lovely, too. In this particular story, the sweet and gentle mood takes a turn for the dark, and we see the depth of Frodo's pain and torment. Excellent writing. I'm all green again. (Bonus rec: for a glimpse inside Legolas' psyche, read Beauty; not slash, but wonderfully written.

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