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Updated June 13, 2002
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Theory of Flight by Cori Lannam - A complete knockout in terms of the *canon* characterization of Obi-Wan. He's serious, he's stiff, he's un-fun. Just like in the movie! Imagine that. And Qui-Gon has that finely honed sense of mischief one can extrapolate from the movie canon. Here, Qui-Gon wants Obi-Wan to loosen up, to let go. Terrific dialogue.

Padawan Learner by TUE - This is just an excellent story. The premise has to do with the choosing of padawans in an alternate universe where the structure of the Jedi is somewhat different, and the duties and life paths expected of padawans aren't what we are used to. It involves an underage Obi-Wan being intimate with his master, so don't read the story if that or the abuse of students by older students bothers you - but trust me when I say that it's handled beautifully and with great care to advance the plot. The development of the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan is wonderful and really makes this story shine.

Duplicity's Gift by Robin Serrano - I get such a kick out of this story. Perfect manipulative, topping-from-the-bottom Padawan here - Obi-Wan maneuvers Qui-Gon into a situation where he has to take Obi's submission, and do it publicly. Got to love it!

Anchor by Ladonna King - Such beautiful prose, and such a delicious, shivery concept -- something alien has taken possession of Qui-Gon, and whatever it is, it has taken possession of Obi-Wan in an entirely different and more carnal way. It's spooky, it's heartbreaking, it's erotic, and it's wonderful.

Returning A Padawan by Augusta Pembrooke - This is technically pre-slash, but if you've read the Jedi Apprentice books and loathed the depiction of Qui-Gon as remote and closed, this fic is for you. This is the Qui-Gon I *wish* Jude Watson would write, but then again, who needs her when you've got Gussie? Obi-Wan returns to the Temple at Qui-Gon's side, and the story chronicles a series of small events which confirm Obi as Qui's padawan. I loved the little details which give us a complete picture of the beginning of their lives together -- it's yummy.

An Element of Blank by Sheila - This is one of those stories I didn't initially warm to, although I admired the author's courage in writing it. But many weeks after reading it, I found myself musing about it, thinking about the plot and the way the story was pieced together, and it became clear that this story left a vivid impression on me without me realizing it. I went back and read it again, and now I have to recommend it. This one isn't an easy fic to read, and it left me unsettled and feeling a little grim, but there are images and scenes that you won't forget.

Extraordinarily Resilient by Cori Lannam - Now here's a little twist that I found both amusing and alarming. What if Obi-Wan became a Knight, and Qui-Gon tried to dissolve the training bond...and couldn't? I'm such a sucker for that kind of dilemma, especially in such a well-written story as this. Features appearances by various Nasty!Council members.

Bad by Nicole D'Annais - This one is a humor piece, about a boy, a bar and a little bit of rebellion. It made me laugh. Hard. Maybe it brought back a few too many memories of banthas sitting on my head after a night out...but I digress...

My Knight by Pumpkin - I could go on and on about why I like Pumpkin's fic. This particular story is so poignant that it would have been a crime for me not to recommend it. Obi-Wan becomes a Knight, and offers up his most precious gift to his former Master. It had me sniffling because it was so lovely.

The Wicked Padawans Series by Keelywolfe -- I will never forget how shocked I was when I read the third story in this series...but it would be cheating to tell you why. Make no mistake, these stories are sensual, and incredibly erotic, but the mind games Obi-Wan plays with Qui-Gon in this series, and vice versa, are definitely not for the faint-hearted, and will really offend some readers. Not me, though. I love this series!

The Colours Series by Mona Ramsey -- Now, I have to say this, because I'm incredibly biased: Mona has rarely written a story I haven't loved. But these fics are remarkable. Not only has she turned Qui-Gon into a reprehensible monster, but she has found a way for his actions to make sense, and she has done it in such a shivering, sensual, darkly deviant way that I will never be the same. If you like Dark!Fic, these stories will be your cup of tea.

Apprentice to Journeyman by Susan Smithson -- I haven't been this impressed by a story in quite some time, and given the quality of fic in this fandom, that's saying a great deal. Beautifully written, mature and lyrical, and full of impressive characterization, this fic follows the development of the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan over the years, as their roles change and evolve. This fic has remarkable depth, and is a long, involving read. Truly, not to be missed.

Substitution by Telanu -- This is the first in Telanu's "Substitution" series. It deals with the relationship between Q/O, and the denial and guilt issues on Qui-Gon's part, in an interesting and provocative way. It's a rather disturbing and very vivid piece, which will leave you wanting to read the equally disturbing sequel, "Without Dreams, There Could Be No Despair". I have returned to these stories more than once because they present a rather unique perspective on the relationship, which I find refreshing.

No, Master by MonaR. -- This fic had me laughing so hard I cried for ten minutes, and then I had to read it again to properly appreciate how dead-on accurate it really is. Mona has ruthlessly, wickedly skewered nearly every cliche that's emerged in TPM fandom, and it's a total riot. Everyone who writes or reads Q/O should make it a point to read this wonderful piece.

Preferred Vintage by Rachael Sabotini -- This piece takes PWP to a new high, particularly in this fandom. Rampant eroticism, a raw edge of need, and some particularly lovely images have made this one of my favorite reads. (And while you're at Rachael's page, you might want to check out Waiting Place, her new Q/O WIP; it's too soon to rec it, but so far, it's stunning.)

"Crystallize" by torch - I was waiting for torch to write a brilliant, quintessential Q/O fic, and here it is. It's a subtle exploration of Qui-Gon's developing feelings for Obi-Wan, and the process of realization. I was, and still am, totally enthralled by this piece. The style of it is so beautiful that I swear I can hear the snow crunching underneath their feet as they walk.

>Consolations by Yahtzee - The genius in this story is not in what's said, but what isn't. It's a perfect illustration of that old maxim "Show, don't tell". Yahtzee has taken Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan many years into the future, and explored the complicated emotions still binding them together even after each has moved on with their lives. This is an extraordinary, very subtle, powerful story.

- This fic was one of the few long pieces I've read lately that held my attention from start to finish. It's richly sensual, and gives us a role reversal of epic proportions -- can the apprentice tame the master? And make him like it? The characters are well-handled and true to their core, even when acting in a way some might consider to be out of character. Personally, I was enthralled. Before my brain melted from the heat of the smut, that is; be prepared. It's a wonderful story by four talented co-writers.

You're Tender and You're Tired by Yasmin M. - This startling and powerful fic caused quite a little furor on the M_A list, rightfully so. You're reading along, caught up in the emotion, but not expecting the punch to the gut which comes out of nowhere. Yasmin's bleak A/U take on certain events is well done.

Adjustments by Gail Riordan - Gail's fic is set in the JAOA universe, and deals with Qui-Gon's struggle to come to terms with an enemy he can't defeat -- his own body's weakness. You can feel his determination, his refusal to surrender. Even more poignant is Obi-Wan's reaction to the situation. Gail's prose is quite beautiful, and she lovingly captures a very sad moment in the lives of these characters.

Shrift by The Emu - I liked this fic because it explored a few themes rarely touched on by other writers in the fandom. Here, Anakin is Qui-Gon's padawan, with a crush on his master that glows in the dark, and there is considerable tension between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, who are almost strangers to each other. The Emu has written some terrific dialogue and interaction between Obi-Wan and Anakin, and I'm a sucker for the ending of this one.

L'Histoire D'Obi by Lilith Sedai - This Phantom Menace slash novel explores some dark and very stirring themes -- is it abuse of authority when the use of power is welcomed? And can a Master exert his authority over his apprentice in ways that are harmful when the apprentice is willing? Lilith's work here is outstanding and just dangerous enough to be a must-read. Obi-Wan takes on an uncharacteristic role, and he and Qui-Gon find out a great deal about themselves as they explore the boundaries of sexuality within their "assignment".

Light Among the Ashes by Jodi Peterson - This little vignette touched me. Obi-Wan stares into the flames, and remembers. I found the way she connected the flames of the pyre, the end of a life and the guttering of a candle flame very poignant.

Bad Seed by Kirby Crow - Another stunning fic by Kirby. It's dark, it's deeply powerful, and it's another favorite of mine. An exploration of themes few others dare to touch -- the edge of madness that attends a powerful desire, the lengths to which Qui-Gon goes to take what he wants, and the consequences for all involved -- this is a must read.

Untitled Series by WriteStuff - The stories in this series will knock your socks off. WriteStuff has captured a relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan which is in flux, as they find their way with each other. It ranges from urgent tenderness to a slightly dark power struggle for dominance. The quality and grace of the writing is wonderful. I've read the series several times, for inspiration and just because the stories are irresistable. Highly recommended. The stories, in order, are: Rightful Owner"; "Crime and Punishment"; "Ecstasies"; "The Anger Exercises"; "The Geometry of Desire"; "But For Grace"; "Nomenclature"; and "Master & Apprentice." ("Ecstasies" and "But For Grace" are my faves.)

The Gladiator Series by Rina -- I was a fan of these stories before they were even posted, which is one major advantage to being a beta reader! Rina has hit upon a fantastically original idea here; this A/U series consists of four stories thus far, in which she introduces us to Ben Ken'ba, gladiator. Her Dark!Obi-Wan is wonderful -- intriguing, dangerous, marvelous. It's an extremely clever take on things, and I am a huge fan of the series.

An Uncommon Fear of Shifting by analise - I've said it a million times; I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort, especially when Obi-Wan is the wounded party, and Qui-Gon's soul is revealed in his raw need to help his Padawan. analise's characterization is superb, as is her knack for expressing emotions between the characters. There are chilling scenes here, and it's one of the best Q/O fics I've read.

Hearts of Darkness universe by DBKate and Kass - Unfortunately, I have had to remove this link because Kass and Kate have taken down their page. I'm very sad about that, since their stories were a cornerstone of this fandom, tho many people probably don't remember that.

As Water Follows The Moon by Cara J. Loup - Cara's writing is lyrical, sometimes mystical, and incredibly beautiful. This particular Han/Luke story took my breath away, and helped to inspire me begin writing slash fiction. Although it is perhaps the most mystical and unusual of Cara's work on the web, it is worth reading -- there is certainly nothing else like it on the web. And if you need to see something a bit more, well, concrete, read "The Healing", also by Cara J. Loup, which will show you the true nature of her talent for drawing realistic characterization and dialogue. Han/Luke at their most real. Cara rocks.

The JAOA Series by Black Rose - These Star Wars A/U stories, set long after TPM, give us a version of the future that resonates with angst and impending sorrow. Wonderfully written and full of emotion...I was hooked the moment I started reading. My favorite thus far: "Missing the Present" - it had an incredible impact on me. The series is still in progress, with more "stages" still to come.

Stepping to Jonah by Kirby Crow - This Phantom Menace Q/O story has haunted me since the first time I read it, in the infancy of the M_A list. Kirby's brilliant story immerses us in Qui-Gon's point of view; few writers possess the skill to write his character/thoughts so beautifully. As the relationship between Master and Padawan takes a few sharp turns, much is revealed, and it's done in such a way that the after-effects linger for many moons after you finish the story. Some imagery still startles me with its clarity, and I've read the story a dozen times (and then some). It's my favorite Q/O fic, and highly recommended.

Jewels of Ysgare by KassXF - Originally posted as a multi-part story, this excellent Phantom Menace (Q/O) story is engrossing. Be forewarned, it's very long (234K!) but worth the time it takes to read. Bring a hanky, a lightsaber, a cup of tea, and settle in...Kass will take you to places you wanted to go, but didn't know anyone had written about.

The Falls by DBKate - It was really, really hard for me to pick just one of Kate's stories. So I'm recommending two. (Hey, it's my page, I can cheat if I want!) The Falls just appeals to me on a very...erm...shall we say, elemental level?? Hot, hot, hot. And then, for bittersweet and dark, and hot, wrapped in a Q/O package, go and read Devoured, which I sincerely hope will blow you away like it did me.

Departures by Irene Heron - This is a very unusual Han/Luke story, and a particular favorite of mine. Irene has taken characters we know very well, yanked them out of settings we are comfortable with, and set them back down firmly in A/U, with devastatingly powerful results. Here Han and Luke meet under different circumstances, and kindle a relationship which is driven by desire...and I loved every second of it. Irene is the author who sold me once and for all on A/U, for which I will be forever grateful. I love it when my horizons are broadened!

Grand Dance by saraid - This story is wonderful. saraid invented a training exercise which has been used lovingly by several other authors. All about trust and the consequences of secrets and hidden emotions...

Memory Box by saraid - All about Obi-Wan's recollections of the memories tied to objects his Master held dear.

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